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  • Raw material

  • Raw material

From the Swiss forest

Forest owners trust us. As a strong and reliable partner, we process 110,000 m3 of Swiss round timber annually to produce our quality products.

Thanks to long-standing relationships with our round timber suppliers, we are a reliable partner in the timber chain. We guarantee fast and competent processing, fair and transparent.


Requirements profile for round timber


Spruce / fir

Cutting size


Charging size

Tree trunk (L1) 4.30 m / 5.30 m 4.15 m / 5.15m
Double tree trunk (L1) 8.60 m / 9.60 m / 10.60 m 4.15 m / 5.15m
Timber (L3)

Timber must be prepared longer than 12.90 m. The trunks are cut to this length by us:


Timber lengths incl. dimensions: 12.90 m / 13.90 m / 14.90 m / 15.90 m / 17.30 m / 18.30 m / 19.30 m / 20.30 m / max. 21.30 m



Quality demands:

  • Minimum braid diameter 18 cm
  • Maximum diameter at the end of the pole 60 cm
  • As free of knots as possible
  • The knot content of the round timber should correspond to B quality. All other characteristics of C quality are tolerated.
  • Branch diameter max. 3.5 cm
  • Moderate boxwood and normal rotational growth are tolerated.
  • Firs with no ring cracks or coarse knots
  • We are always looking for fresh beetle-infested wood
  • Ideal for us is timber with a diameter of 25 – 40 cm


Private transport or organised by Tschopp Holzindustrie AG, 40 metric tons can be driven on the forest road.


Factory measurement



Conditions: :

30 days 2% discount


We do not require FSC wood and therefore do not discount wood without an FSC seal.

Wood protection:

Is not necessary or only by arrangement


Please register large quantities with us before actual felling process


Roland Birrer

Sawmill manager / Round timber purchasing

041 929 61 56


Tree trunks per day


Percent added value


Lorryloads per day