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  • Buttholz shuttering panels

  • Buttholz shuttering panels
  • Buttholz shuttering panels
  • Buttholz shuttering panels

Longer service life thanks to innovative technology

Intensive use, temperature fluctuations and the effects of the weather place enormous demands on a shuttering panel Thanks to its unique construction technology, the Buttholz shuttering panel has a significantly longer service life than conventional shuttering panels.

Panel surface:

The carefully processed and coated panel surface guarantees clean concrete surfaces.

Imperfections are perfectly repaired with cross wood plates, not with putty

No finger-joints in the top layer

Excellent results for exposed concrete

Panel edges:

Unique, four-sided edge sealing with a melamine base

Prevents the adhesion of concrete residues and greatly facilitates cleaning of the panels


Continuous middle layer, no edge-glued construction

No breaking-off of the longitudinal edges possible


We guarantee the highest dimensional and angular precision


Lengths: 300 cm / 250 cm / 200 cm / 150 cm / 100 cm

Widths: 50 cm / 100 cm

Thickness: 27 mm

Package sizes:

50 pieces / 100 pieces

Neatly packed and foil wrapped incl. binding strips and squared timber


12.5 kg/m2


Percent Swiss wood


Percent Swiss Made


Percent dimensional accuracy