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  • Shuttering beams Buttholz H20

Safety on the building site

As a result of the highest quality, careful processing and advanced construction technology, the Buttholz H20 shuttering beam has a significantly longer service life than conventional products.

Protective cap system:

The impact-resistant protective cap system on the straps prevents damage caused by dropping, and increases the service life of the shuttering beam.

Centre bar:

The centre bar made of three-layer panels with predominantly vertical annual rings is ideally suited for load-bearing applications in the outdoor area

Technical data:

Height: 20 cm

Width: 8 cm

Lengths: 195 cm / 245 cm / 265 cm / 290 cm / 330 cm / 360 cm / 390 cm / 490 cm / 600 cm

Net weight: 4.6 kg / linear metre

Bending moment M: 5.0 kNm

Shear force Q: 11.0 kN

Package: 50 pieces