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The biggest investment in the Company’s 100 year history!

Over the last three years, the management has been intensively involved in the planning of a new sawmill. This will replace the existing plant, which has been operating at the limits of its capacity in three shifts for several years.

Despite the worldwide state of emergency caused by the Corona virus, the building application was submitted at the end of August 2020, and triggered the largest investment in the Company’s 100 year history. The building permit is expected in January 2021, after which construction work will start immediately.

All machines and lines have already been ordered. The Springer Company from Austria will supply the log (round timber) yard, the sawing line will be supplied by USNR AB from Sweden, the sorting plant and stacking system will be supplied by TC Maschinenbau from Austria and the waste disposal technology will be supplied by Vecoplan from Germany. After a two-year construction phase for the 123 metre long and 20 metre high production hall, together with the assembly of the machines and conveying technology, commissioning is scheduled for spring 2023.

The new sawmill is being built on a 20,000 m2 plot of land adjacent to the existing site. Part of this area belonged to the neighbouring construction company, Aregger AG, and could be bought by Tschopp Holzindustrie AG. The remaining parts of the Aregger plot was bought by Tschopp AG. The Aregger AG Company is presently building at a new site just a few 100 metres further on. These land sales among the three neighbouring companies were necessary, because no adjacent, zoned building land was available for the new sawmill. Now all three companies can continue to develop positively in the future.

The heart of the new plant is the high-performance Quadro band saws from the USNR AB Company. One Quadro band saw consist of a unit of four band saws. Two Quadro units will be installed, making eight band saws available. This innovative sawing technology enables a very high cutting performance, flexibility in the cutting patterns and a high yield at the same time.

The new sawmill is essential for the future development of the Tschopp Holzindustrie AG. The sawing capacity is so generously dimensioned, that in addition to the needs of the shuttering panels plant, sawn timber for new products can be produced without any problem. For some time now, the Tschopp Company has wanted to manufacture other wood-based materials in addition to its main product of shuttering panels, wood pellets and green electricity. Due to capacity and technological problems, this was not possible with the existing sawmill. After a phase of commissioning, the sawing quantity will be 135,000 m3 per year, which can then be increased step by step.

With this investment, Tschopp Holzindustrie AG is sending an important signal to the domestic wood industry to make more Swiss wood-based materials available to the market in the long term.