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  • Wood-fired power plant

Heat and electricity from wood

Clean energy for sustainable production, the lifeline and pulse for our Company.

It is up to us which energy we use. We generate the entire heat requirement for the production of shuttering panels and pellets in an environmentally friendly manner in our own wood-fired power plant. At the same time, we are constantly checking and improving the energy efficiency of our processes. The 100 percent utilisation of the raw material wood on one site brings us ecologically and economically decisive advantages for the future.


Power plant data:

Total power: 8.5 MW total output

Electrical output: 1.3 MW

Thermal output: 7.2 MW



From our customers

Bark from our sawmill and recycled wood from construction sites serve as fuel.



For the production

Process heat for the drying chambers in the panel plant and the belt dryer in the pellet plant

Green electricity

day and night

Clean energy for man and the environment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Percent CO2-neutral


kWh heat per day


kWh green electricity per day